Creating Your

Perfect Wedding


At All Parish Wedding Officiants we believe weddings should be a time of celebration and joy. Your wedding shouldn’t be a time of stress and anxiety. We know the perfect wedding day requires, knowledge, experience, and detailed planning. Our couples have come to us because over the course of 35 years, our organization has earned a reputation for exceeding our clients expectations.

The perfect wedding day begins with the visit. Sitting down with our couple and listening, I mean really listening to their love story, how they met. What makes them laugh. How they moved from a date to a friendship, to a love story. Sharing with our couple about how we met our spouse lets them know we understand about the jitters and nervousness that goes with expressing vows of love and commitment in front of a group of folks. It is so important to us that our couple knows that we are invested, not only their wedding, but that we are there for them after the wedding should they need advice or counseling.

As you make your search for an officiant to perform your wedding there will certainly be those who will charge you more than we do and there are those who will charge less. however we don’t believe there are any that will work harder or longer to make sure that years from now when you think back on your wedding day, you will remember it was romantic, sweet, and warm. It was truly that perfect wedding day!

Wedding cermony


Our Team


Rev. Ray

Royall, Senior Wedding Officiant

Rev. Glyn H. Morden,

Senior Wedding Officiant

Ms. Judy Young,

Wedding Officiant

Rev. Michael Piccione

Wedding Officiant

Mr. Daniel Guinn,

Wedding Officiant